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Couples Therapy to Improve Your Relationship

We offer couples therapy online to provide the support you need to improve and help your relationship thrive.

Our objective with online couples therapy is to reach the root cause of the relationship problems. We have professional therapists to help you learn better ways to communicate and support your partner.

If you are ready to engage in self-improvement, these are a few effective couples therapy techniques we may use to improve your relationship:

  • Reflective listening – taking turns being active listeners
  • Narrative therapy for failing relationships due to faults of each
  • Emotionally focused therapy to heal or create safe relational attachments
  • Solution-focused therapy to help change by constructing solutions

We also help couples engage in couples therapy exercises to form a more secure bond, break down the barriers of communication, and learn how to navigate life together as a team.

We recommend that couples seek couples therapy before their relationship reaches a point of crisis.

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When is Marriage Counseling Needed?

We offer evidence-based marriage counseling by trained therapists that focus on elements of compromise, improving communications, and finding solutions for past and present unhealthy patterns of an intimate relationship.

Our online marriage counseling professionals use solution-focused therapy to help you do more of what is already working in your marriage, finding exceptions and using them as the pathway to future solutions.

The therapist works with the couple from the start of marriage counseling in a therapeutic conversation, encouraging them to focus on solutions and look for positive signs of change.

That thread of finding solutions continues throughout the sessions.

A benefit of our solution-focused marriage counseling is its focus on providing tools to fix your problems whether present or future. These are a few types of questions that our solution-focused therapists ask to help you recognize your virtues and strengths:

  • Coping questions to demonstrate your strengths
  • Miracle questions to help explain how your life could look
  • Scaling questions to learn how hopeful, motivated & confident you are

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Relationship Counseling – Treatment Techniques

We provide relationship counseling to strengthen existing relationships, explore areas of tension in a relationship, and deal with the issues that arise during interpersonal interactions.

Our counselors use cognitive behavioral therapy in relationship counseling to teach people how to change negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings by communicating in healthy ways beneficial to their relationship.

These are a few of the most common and effective cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques used in relationship counseling:

  • Journaling moods and thoughts
  • Disentangling cognitive distortions
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Exposure & response prevention
  • Interoceptive exposure
  • Nightmare exposure & rescripting
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Relaxed breathing

Applied cognitive behavior therapy used in relationship counseling can overcome debilitating behaviors that restrict choices and free people to select possibilities that were not available earlier. It increases individual freedom.

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