Capricorn Counseling Center

Where There is Healing There is Hope.


Counseling Services with a Personalized Approach

We incorporate a personalized perspective to online counseling services, blending empathy and thoughtful objectivity with a practical, interactive approach to navigate life’s challenges.

Our counseling services provide the help and solutions needed using an alternative to in-office face-to-face therapy. An experienced online therapist with a superior psychotherapy platformofferseffective counseling services to clients that find it easier to talk to them from the comfort of their home.

The objective of our solution-focused counseling services is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. We use a short-term goal-focused therapeutic approach that incorporates positive psychology principles to help clients change by constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems.

We offer online counseling that:

  • Is hope-friendly
  • Educes positive emotions
  • Is the embodiment for fulfilling desired future behavioral change

Schedule an online appointment to start your new path in life. We provide helpful forms to schedule an appointment right here on this site! We look forward to hearing from you.

The Benefit of Using an Online Therapist

A professional online therapist and superior technology platform provide a sound basis for exceptional counseling services.

Our experienced online therapist understands the difficulty of being open about your most persistent struggles. A benefit of using an online therapist is the safety and comfort of being in your favorite place where you can be completely open about your struggles.

We offer the convenience of remote engagement by an online therapist with benefits such as:

  • Comfortable accessibility and time savings
  • Privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity
  • The highest professional standards
  • Multiple layers of protection with end-to-end encryption
  • Affordability

We are with you every step of your journey to guide you through your challenging situation toward a new direction in your life that is worth living. Let us help you achieve your goals.


Online Counseling for Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Online counseling can help adults, teens, and children experiencing complex emotional and behavioral problems by identifying and targeting the root cause to manage the issues with therapy.

Our online counseling platform can help overcome all types of emotional and behavioral issues. By applying complementary therapy strategies, interventions, and techniques, we draw on evidence-based approaches to unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may affect relationships as a whole.

We help clients of all ages handle:

  • Stress and anxieties
  • Anger issues
  • Depression
  • Numerous types of emotional problems
  • Conditions associated with emotional abuse

Our online counseling therapists are committed to providing compassionate therapy for emotional and behavioral issues with solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and person-centered therapies.

Call Capricorn Counseling Center in Santa Barbara or visit us online to schedule a live counseling session from the comfort of your home. 805-203-0717